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Yoga taster session

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Are you thinking about taking a yoga class? But don't yet know whether yoga is for you and want to find out? Then just come to the yoga taster class and find out. All you need is comfortable clothes, yoga mats, yoga cushions, blankets and an internet connection. With binding pre-registration!
Fee: 7,50 Euro incl. VAT

Yoga beginners course

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In this course you will learn the basics of Hathayoga: postures (asanas), relaxation techniques and breathing exercises that will help you to relax deeply, regenerate and recharge your batteries. It also promotes flexibility, strength and stamina. There is a short introduction to yoga at the beginning of each class.
Course fee: € 149.00 incl. VAT for 8 sessions

"Say yes to life anyway"

Yoga therapy group for people with cancer

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At a time when you may be more concerned with being ill than with living, yoga can open up a path that connects you with new, healing perspectives. The exercises of yoga gently help you to strengthen your inner resources and build up your life energy so that you can find your way back to yourself and meet yourself more deeply. Practicing yoga also helps you to return to the place of stillness within you, so that you can face fears and anxiety in a more relaxed and calm way. In a healing space, you will be gently introduced to a yoga practice that suits your current situation and needs.

Course fee:
225,00 € incl. VAT for 10 dates

Intermediate Yoga Course

every Monday 
18.00 - 19.30

A course for all those who already have yoga experience and would like to deepen their yoga practice through continuous practice. In this course you will deepen your knowledge of yoga. You will practise advanced asanas, pranayama and meditation and gain deep insights into the yogic wisdom scriptures that will inspire you and enrich your life. You can join at any time after a trial lesson.

Course fee: 149,00 € incl. VAT for 8 dates

Monthly yoga workshop

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In this workshop every Monday, we will delve into the secrets of yoga and tap into a source of energy and inner harmonization with the help of yoga breathing exercises suitable for everyday life. The workshop is suitable for beginners with no previous knowledge as well as for advanced yoga practitioners!

Fee per workshop: € 45.00 incl. VAT.

Special Yoga Course

"Journey through the Chakras"

Next date:

In this special course you will get to know and feel the psychological and physiological qualities of the chakras.  In an interactive seminar with lots of practical exercises, you will have the opportunity to get to know yourself better on a deeper level.  The course will take you a big step further in your personal development. We will treat one chakra per hour and make it tangible and perceptible.

Course fee:
175,00 € incl. VAT for 8 sessions


Introductory course in Ayurveda basics (4 course units)


In 4 course units, which take place once a month, you will learn the basics and principles of Ayurveda in order to apply them to improve and stabilize your health with natural and simple means. Each course unit consists of a lively alternation of theory and practice and lasts 2 hours. The course takes place in vivo and online

Course fee:
179,00 € incl. VAT for 4 dates

Ayurvedic nutrition - introduction (4 course units)


Ayurvedic nutrition is nutrition in harmony with nature. In this four-part course you will learn the basics of Ayurvedic nutrition and how to apply it in everyday life. The course will help you to improve your health and to eat in harmony with your constitution. The course takes place in vivo and online.

Course fee:
179,00 € incl. VAT for 4 dates

Ayurvedic herbs for your inner balance


Ayurvedic herbs have a great healing power to strengthen mental and physical well-being and balance. In this workshop, you will learn about the healing power of Ayurvedic herbs and how to apply this knowledge in everyday life. The workshop takes place in vivo and online.

Workshop fee: 45,00 € incl. VAT. 


Introduction to meditation and mindfulness

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Almost everyone knows the feeling: thoughts race through your head and you just can't calm down. Meditation helps us to distance ourselves from the carousel of thoughts, develop mindfulness and connect with a regenerating source of strength beyond the world of thoughts. Everyone holds the key to true joy, harmony and serenity in their hands. Learning to meditate means using this key.

This course teaches the basics of meditation. In a harmonious alternation of theory and practice, you will receive a comprehensive introduction to the subject.

Course fee:
225,00 € incl. VAT for 8 dates

Beginning Practioner - Meditation silent retreat

Find your mental balance!

Date 1: 04.03. - 13.03.2021 
Date 2: 30.09. - 09.10.2021
In a harmonious alternation of meditation, yoga and mindfulness exercises, this retreat will take you to a deeper level of self-awareness. You will encounter your potential, but also your inner obstacles, and learn how to overcome them in order to achieve mental balance and stay there permanently. You will be lovingly and sensitively accompanied on your inner journey so that you can integrate your experiences harmoniously. This retreat is perfect for you if you are at the beginning of your retreat experience. It has been shown that it is also useful to repeat the retreat in order to fully absorb and integrate the content into your consciousness.
Look forward to: 

  • 10 silent days to arrive completely with yourself in silence. You will learn to love silence!
  • a harmonious alternation of yoga and meditation practice or movement and silence
  • Daily impulse lectures
  • Sensitive, loving, individual and professional support throughout the meditation retreat.
  • Aftercare and support in integrating the meditation experience.

Retreat leader: Stephanie Bunk
Location: Ilse Eickhoff Academy in Bremen
- The Ilse Eickhoff Academy is beautifully situated and offers the best conditions for a retreat.

Costs: 985,00 € incl. VAT plus 500 € accommodation and full board (paid directly to the academy)

Consulting Services

Psychological counseling

The first consultation is an anamnesis consultation and serves to get to know each other. In this conversation, we get to know your issue and each other better. You will have the opportunity to get to know me and find out whether you feel comfortable with me and my work. The consultation lasts approx. 120 minutes, each additional consultation 60 minutes. The consultation can take place in vivo or via Zoom.

Consultation fee: 198,00 Euro incl. VAT.  

Vedic Astrological Counseling

Would you like to get to know the matrix of your soul and understand your learning tasks for this life? Would you like to understand why you took this birth and what opportunities for experience you have been given in this life, but also what challenges you may face and how you can overcome them? Then let's take a deeper look into your Vedic horoscope and visualize the bigger picture of your life.

Please use the contact form to let me know your date, time and place of birth. The information should be as accurate as possible. I will then contact you to arrange an appointment. During this appointment, we will discuss your horoscope via Zoom or in person. The conversation will be recorded so that you always have the opportunity to listen in. You will also receive a written summary.

Ayurvedic nutritional advice 

This consultation package consists of two sessions in total. In the initial consultation, we will find out your constitution in a detailed analysis. Based on the analysis of your constitution, you will then receive individual recommendations for a diet and lifestyle in harmony with your constitution, which will help you to optimally promote your health every day as a preventative measure and to maintain or restore your balance. 

The anamnesis takes 2 - 2.5 hours. The evaluation interview takes 60 minutes. The assessment interview is recorded. In addition, you will receive documents that will help you to easily implement what you have learned. 

The total package costs 289.00 euros incl. VAT. 

Ayurvedic health counseling 

Do you have a health problem and would you like to learn to look at this issue from a more holistic perspective and from a wider context?
Then Ayurvedic health counseling is just right for you. Ayurveda helps you to develop a greater understanding of your state of health and offers you simple, everyday solutions that promote and support your recovery process. 

This package consists of a total of three consultation sessions. We start by analyzing your situation in a comprehensive medical history interview. The consultation lasts approx. 2-2.5 hours. This is followed by an evaluation session in which you are given all the Ayurvedic remedies individually tailored to your situation as recommendations. In a debriefing after four weeks, we will then see whether the recommendations were effective and helpful for you or whether they need to be adjusted again. You will receive extensive documentation with the consultation to help you easily implement what you have learned. Please note that this is a consultation offer and not a treatment in the sense of the Heilpraktikergesetz.

The total package of 4.5 hours including follow-up costs 388.00 euros incl. VAT. 

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