"I've been going to yoga classes with Stephanie regularly for six years. She teaches with a lot of joy, empathy and dedication. I really like the fact that her yoga is undogmatic and varied. You don't just learn the asanas, but also the background, yoga scriptures and so on. You are encouraged to get to know yourself in a completely new way."
Astrid H., Germany

"I've been going to yoga with Stephanie for three years. She manages to pick up each person at their individual level in a wonderful way. A kind-hearted soul who truly lives the yogic path and is always there for her students. She teaches both the classic basic and advanced techniques of hatha yoga, as well as profound Vedic wisdom and meditations. Stephanie is also a qualified psychologist, Ayurveda therapist, yoga therapist and has also specialized in holistic consultations. A bright emphatic star in the sky for people who are looking for a soothing place to go in these difficult times."
Matthias D., Germany

Stephanie's yoga classes are very balanced and harmonious. Spirituality as well as yoga practice, breathing exercises and meditation contribute to a relaxed and varied practice. The warm and benevolent nature of Stephanie manages to take us into the world of yoga in the most pleasant way every time.
Christine F., Germany

"I've been taking yoga classes with Stephanie for 2 years. What I really like is that the classes are varied and individually tailored to the participants. Every class is a great personal enrichment for me. An unconditional recommendation!"
Ida H., Germany

"I've been going to yoga with Stephanie regularly for three years. She is a person you simply have to take to your heart straight away. Her yoga classes include relaxation, spiritual impulses, breathing techniques, asanas and meditation. Her classes are always tailored to the day and to the people. Her way of teaching leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and well stretched."
Simone K., Germany

"I am very grateful for the yoga classes with Stephanie. She makes the classes varied and interesting. I find it very valuable that the yoga class doesn't just involve practising different yoga postures, but that the yoga teachings are also brought closer. I have been able to take away many important impulses for my life from the lessons. I wouldn't want to miss these classes again."
Maria B., Germany

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