What are the Palm Leaf Libraries?

The palm leaf libraries were founded about 5000 years ago by the Sapta Rishis, the seven great sages. "Sapta" means "seven." A Rishi is a "seer" who has the gift of receiving highly inspired and universally valid knowledge (knowledge that is valid at all times) directly from the divine source and transmitting it in a pure, unadulterated way.
The Rishis already knew then that the cycle of nature would change in the present time. According to the Vedic scriptures, there are four great ages through which the earth cycles. Each age is characterized by a particular mood, just like the seasons. The Rishis knew 5000 years ago that the age would change into a Kaliyuga, and through it, the consciousness of humanity would change. They would fall into a kind of dormant and material consciousness, forgetting to live in harmony with the laws of nature and their souls. They could also see that humanity would awaken from this sleep and remember after about 5000 years. This time has now come. In order to give people orientation on their soul and life path in the current time, the Rishis developed the palm leaf libraries already 5000 years ago. One of their founders and writers is Agastya Rishi. With touching precision, they wrote down the soul journey and destiny of many people living today on palm leaves.
In relation to the palm leaf libraries, there are two different forms: the Nadi Sastra and the Jiva Nadi. The Nadi Sastra can be thought of as a kind of personal soul book kept in a library. It was written down on palm leaves by the Rishis 2000 years ago and is waiting to be transmitted to its intended recipient at the right time.

The Jiva Nadi, on the other hand, is a kind of direct and online connection with the Rishis. You could also say that it is a contact in real time. Different spiritual masters (rishis) bless and guide different people directly and immediately from the spiritual world. This is done either through their consciousness or a special form of palm leaf library, where the messages for these people arrive in the present time.

My personal path has been guided through the Jiva Nadi by Agastya Rishi since October 2013. For several years now, I have been allowed to accompany people on their path via the Jiva Nadi to support them in finding their soul path. In January 2021 I have been additionally connected with the Nadi Sastra through Agastya in a touching way. This gives me the opportunity to offer you a Nadi Sastra Reading in cooperation with Mypalmleaf, as well as a Jiva Nadi reading with Sriraman. Both nadis are Agastya nadis. 

Palm leaf reading

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Nadi Sastra

In a Nadi Reading, which takes about 2.5 - 3 hours, in the first part of the reading together with you first your palm leaf is searched and found and then read for you. Your palm leaf is found when your name, the name of your parents, your birthday and your current situation are described to you in touching detail. After that you will get an insight into the possibilities of your future life and your tasks and potentials in 2-3 year steps. In addition, it is described which areas of life are blocked and how you can overcome the blockages so that you can lead a fulfilled and joyful life on all levels.

The reading takes place, connected with the Indian palm leaf libraries by zoom and costs 279,00 Euro. I work in cooperation with and for Mypalmleaf, an Agastya-Nadi. For a reading in the Nadi Sastra it needs from you only your thumbprint. If you are a woman, the thumbprint of your left side. If you are a man, the thumbprint of your right side.

You can book your reading directly below via the contact form. I will accompany you with your questions in advance and the registration process until the date. Per reading, 10,00 € will be donated to Harmony with Nature e.V. to make the wisdom and work of the Rishis visible and their blessings accessible to people.

Jiva Nadi

One of the closest and for many years directly guided by Agastyar Rishi is Sriraman. Sriraman is a siddha himself. At the age of 25, after accomplishing many tasks received from Agastyar through the palm leaf libraries, he received a blessing from Agastyar Rishi that whenever he accompanies people on the path, Agastyar stands in his consciousness and advises that particular person through him. When Sriraman sees a person's name and date of birth, he sees the essence of the soul and related to that, its original power, its imbalances and the tools it needs to be able to free itself from its energetic limitations.  In order to be able to help people in their energetic liberation process, Sriraman has been provided with the entire Siddhamedicine, which is considered to be one of the most energetically powerful systems of medicine on earth. 

The information is different from the Nadi Sastra in that you receive it directly from Agastya Rishi. They are absolutely in tune with the current processes of the person and their soul and can even change information mentioned in the Nadi Sastra in its validity, depending on the person and their soul path. The information from both nadis together is a very powerful combination on a person's life path. You can book your reading directly through the contact form below. For your reading at Jiva Nadi, your full name and date of birth is required. The reading is on a donation basis (recommendation 50, 00 - 150,00 €).

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