"For the past six years I have been regularly attending Yoga classes with Stephanie. She is passionate, intuitive and committed to teaching Yoga. I particularly love that her Yoga is undogmatic and she keeps it interesting. You don’t just learn Asanas, but also the background information, Yoga scripts, etc. You will be inspired to see yourself in a completely different light."

Astrid H., Germany

„Stephanie has been my Yoga instructor for the past three years now. She has the wonderful talent to engage each person on their own individual level. She is a kind-hearted soul who is truly embracing the Yoga lifestyle and who is always there for her students. Not only does she teach the fundamentals and advanced techniques of Hatha Yoga, but also Vedic philosophies and Meditation. On top of it, Stephanie is a Certified Psychologist, Ayurveda Therapist, Yoga Therapist and she is specialized in holistic counseling, among other things. She is a shining empathetic star for people that are searching for a place of serenity in these trying times we live in.“

Matthias D., Germany

"I am incredibly grateful for Stephanie’s Yoga lessons. Her classes are versatile and she keeps things fresh. The fact that she doesn’t just practice the different Yoga poses with us, but also takes the time to teach us more about Yoga philosophies, adds a lot of value to the class in my opinion. I, for my part, have been able to gain valuable insights during the lessons that have had a positive impact on my life. I couldn’t imagine being without her classes anymore.“

Maria B., Germany

"For three years I am a regular at Stephanie’s Yoga studio. She is a person that will be near and dear to your heart in no time. Her Yoga class is like a short vacation to India. The class combines relaxation, spiritual conversations, breathing technique Asanas and Meditation. The lesson is individually tailored to the day and the participants. Her teaching style allows you to leave her class completely relaxed and loosened up.“ 

Simone K. Germany

“Stephanie’s Yoga classes are full of balance and harmony. The mixture of spirituality along with Yoga practice, breathing exercises as well as Meditation contribute to the relaxing and versatile lessons. Stephanie‘s extremely welcoming and kind-hearted nature is the reason why she manages to take us on a fascinating Yoga journey every time.”                               
 Christine F., Germany

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